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Fat Tax in Alabama

OK, so technically it isn’t tax, but Alabama wants to charge its fat employees $25/month for insurance (it is currently free).  Does that seem a little discriminatory, mean, and just downright wrong?  When is the government going to stop trying to control people’s lives?

I wonder what would happen if people in general (and the government in particular) would use patience, love, and kindness to help others change their lives for the better instead of always thinking of new punishements for those who don’t conform?

Why is it so hard for people to realize that rights and freedoms are not pulled away all at once?  It starts with small things like this and then, when no one objects, the government puts more restrictions and punishments on us until we have no freedom left at all.

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Republic researcher Joanne Dawson contributed to this story to the Arizona Republic.

It’s hard to see your way in polygamist country, always has been. The nights are dark, and street lamps rare or absent altogether. The people prefer to be guided by God’s light, leaning on the moon and stars to show the way.

The first time the children were taken, in the summer of 1953, police crept into town beneath an eclipsed moon. A trail of sedans bounced over the muddy road from Fredonia to Short Creek, Ariz., with headlights dimmed. Their mission hinged on surprising the polygamists before they could flee. Overhead, a full moon glowed with a ruddy red light then faded slowly into the Earth’s shadow.

The airwaves hummed in the dark. Ham-radio operators were carrying messages from Gov. Howard Pyle to the police and relaying news from Short Creek’s sheriff to the Arizona attorney general. Pyle had vowed to shatter the serenity of Short Creek, where nary a girl had reached age 15 “without having been forced into a shameful mockery of marriage,” he said.

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Editorial in Deseret News

The following editorial was published in the August 5, 2008, edition of the Deseret News:

Our infamous Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., was quoted comparing polygamy to organized crime. Perhaps someone needs to inform Mr. Reid that the best organized crime syndicate in the United States is the U.S. Congress.

While America is facing a disastrous banking crisis, excessive inflation, an energy crisis, an unprecedented balance of trade deficit, $4 a gallon gas and the invasion of illegal immigrants, Reid is busy having hearings on polygamy. It’s just another example of the ineptness and political impotence of those who are supposed to be representing us.
Terry Tullis
Terry Tullis makes some great points.  Maybe government officials should clean up themselves first and stop worrying about the practice of polygamy.

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Bumper Sticker

On my way home from work a couple of days ago, I saw the following bumper sticker: “The last time we mixed government and religion people got burned at the stake.”  That pretty well sums up how I feel about the federal task force Senator Harry Reid is trying to put together. 

It is true that fraud and abuse need to be stopped, but I get really tired of hearing that polygamists use their religion as a guise under which they commit all kinds of horrendous deeds.

If the government wants to protect people from abuse, I support them in that – but I’d also like to remind them that government has no business trying to legislate morality.

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What Are We Afraid Of?

Our faith in our Father in Heaven and the history of His will and efforts to keep the Principal of Plural Marriage alive in the earth, gives us great comfort and determination.  He will fight our battles, wherein we keep his commandments, His yoke is easy and His burden is light.  Besides, I still believe that there are many right thinking Americans that love liberty and justice as much as our founding fathers did, maybe they have been silent too long.

Why don’t polygamists shout their blessings and joy from the roof tops?  Why don’t we accept the almost daily media requests to come into our homes and film our families?  Why wouldn’t a polygamist family reality show finally shine the light on the great misconceptions and slanderous portrayals of our lives and our beliefs?  I have pondered this question. 

I got the opportunity to listen to Senate Majority Leader, the Honorable Harry Reid’s testimony in front of the U.S. Senate.  On the 24th of July, the day we remember our common polygamist pioneer ancestors.  The Senator has lived a great life of public service, cleaned up the gaming industry in his state of Nevada, and contributed widely to national affairs in his work as a U.S. Senator.  In Senator Reid’s comments he didn’t make a distinction between a perpetrator of crime living within a polygamist community, and polygamists who share the same American struggle to live a clean life and support and build our troubled nation.  To the Honorable Senator we are not Mormons.   To the Senator, we “cloaked ourselves in the trappings of his religion to obscure our true criminal purposes”.  To the Honorable Senator there is no difference between a Polygamist and a criminal.  For polygamists there is no presumed innocence.

I woke up this morning and flipped on Bloomberg, I need to check the markets, I already have a text on my phone alerting me that the mortgage backed securities index is up 5 basis points and maybe in positive territory for the day, if only we could sustain a rally for more than one day.  My ten month old son is still asleep in my bed, I quietly open my blinds and French door to let the morning air blow though my bed room.  I feel a clean breeze of air drift down the hall.  My sister wife has her door open too, she was up before me.  Her bed is made; she’s in the laundry room starting laundry.  Another sister wife has been up since six, she watches the Utah Morning News, Chanel 4,  before coming downstairs to make Thursday’s menu, homemade pancakes and hardboiled eggs, I eat the hardboiled egg, if I start eating her pancakes, I’m sure I won’t stop, and my skirt is already tight.  Two of our boys are up but not dressed, I have the baby monitor on and hear my son stirring.  As I sit by his highchair spoon feeding him one of his other moms’s walks by and gives him a sweet little kiss on the head, “Good Morning Garret”’ he holds up the mooshed pancake to offer her a bite.  One by one the sleepy eyed, bed haired kids stagger out to the kitchen bar chairs.  Summer vacation makes breakfast go on forever.  When school starts we will have some semblance of a schedule, and breakfast might get cleaned up before noon.  Our husband has a few of the kids and another sister wife with him on a business trip, we try to be sure the kids have frequent, supervised exposure to the world they live in, we can’t live in a fort like the families that lived in this area 100 years ago did.  They have to be able to interact in this world, we hope for them to be contributory in our community and nation.

By 8:30 I am at my desk, the kids aren’t dressed and combed but their other mom will help them, “she doesn’t pull their hair when she is brushing it like, I do”, so I am told by my five year old.  The truth… they get a candy when they don’t cry when she brushes their hair.  They think I still don’t know about the bribes.

In my inbox is a request sent out to the CPAC Members.  A London production crew asking to interview a family with 10 or more kids, I think we are a little over qualified; maybe London TV is not as scary.   Why in this great democracy are we so afraid to invite a film crew to breakfast?  US Attorney Tolman’s testimony sums it up, “incidents of wiring tapping, investigations of business records, reviewing birth records and baptism records… maybe it’s the public climate, we seem to be the last minority that it’s ok to hate.  I think we’re clean?…  We don’t believe in underage marriages.  I’m not against paying taxes, but I wish they were lower,  I think I’m fine that the State’s insisting that my daughter not have sex before she is 18.  But, will she get to choose when she is over 18?  Do they have a way to offer her a state sanctioned union with the man of her choice?   It’s not that we fret about legal marriage certificates; single moms don’t wear a scarlet letter in 2008.  However, some immunity from targeted investigations, special task forces, presumption of guilt, and fear of government would be a good legacy to leave our polygamist children.

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John Stossel of “The New York Sun” asks an interesting question, “How many wives is too many?”

He also has a new book out, Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity.  I haven’t read it, but it looks interesting.

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Donald Richter at TruthWillPrevail.com has some interesting information about Natalie Malonis and her mental state.  It presents a side of the story that has not yet been told.  After reading it, it leaves one wondering why on earth she is allowed to practice law – especially on behalf of a minor.

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As anyone who reads the newspapers or watches TV knows, Flora Jessop claims to “help” people “escape” from polygamy.  Here is an account of one such instance of her “help.”  It is a little different than the version she gave to the media…

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