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Community Fair

The community fair is coming up again quickly.The dates this year are September 26th & 27th.  There are exciting things happening this year!  We should all have a great time with the different booths, games, auction, and program. 

Alice and Amie doing a clogging dance for the talent show

Alice and Amie doing a clogging dance for the talent show


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Cute Story

One of my fellow vision impaired friends shared this cute story with me so I thought I would pass it along.

Her daughter was watching her go through her routine of getting dressed and ready to go out for the day.  Worried that her mother had forgotten something she reminded her, “Mom, don’t forget your eye pods!”

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Well, I’m getting more and more excited about this election.  I was really afraid that Obama might take it, but after Sarah Palin being nominated for VP and watching her speech and McCain’s at the RNC I am really thinking that McCain will win.  If, and it is always a big IF, they do what they promise the next four years could be really great.  Finally, someone in power who will support off shore drilling in addition to alternative fuel sources!  I don’t know about you, but these fuel prices are just about killing me!  He supports parents’ choice in education, and wants to create incentives to get and keep good teachers (and help the not so good ones find other employment).  He said he wants to get back to the basics of the republican party.

His speech got off to a rough start.  There was a lot of confusion and disruption in the crowd and some people had to be escorted out, but toward the middle he started doing MUCH better and by the end he was actually talking about some of the things he was going to do.  I say let’s give him a chance.  Vote McCain/Palin in November!

You can read the speech here.

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