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How much fun can it be to have these kids around?  This one gives me daily humor without even trying.  When he was five he was thumbing through my seed catalogue and asked me if I would buy him some rabbit seeds so that we could grow rabbits in our garden.

                This summer upon seeing a naked baby bird blown out of the tree and onto the ground he came running into the house full of excitement “MOM! MOM!! We have a baby pterodactyl in the yard!!”

Monday he came home from school and told me he knew what a veteran was, “it’s the guys who got to come home from the war.” Added with, “’cept I first thought it was someone who ate vegetables.”

Needless to say the next generation proves just as promising.  Our granddaughter exclaimed as she was looking over the flowers growing along our walk, “Grandma, your bloomers are growing!”

Now, times that by the numbers of kids we have in our lives.  Yep, I’m living life pretty abundantly.  So until the next grin have a great day. ~ A Womens Place~yard-and-kids-0351

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Ok, so I have a confession to make…I like to do housework.  I really do.  I like to take a room and make it shine.  My accessories are rags and cleaners, gloves and vacuums.  They help me pull off my “look”. 

                None off this is because I’m some terrific neat freak, although the kids will beg to differ, but because of what I am cleaning.  I’m doing more than polishing up our surroundings.  I’m even doing more than nurturing our home…I’m nurturing me. 

                I supply me with satisfaction.  I pay homage to my life and all that it has given me.  Each item I am surrounded with embodies memories.  I have around me the mile stones of life, the symbols of hope, and the imprints of love.

                I have the history of our lives on the walls of our home.  And what doesn’t fit on the wall will find a home on a table top. I enjoy the daily connection with several generations, motivating me with the remembrance of their stories.  I have the fun of comparing our kids when they were little to the cherubic smiles of our grandchildren.  A smile crosses my own lips, much like the Mona Lisa’s smile, as the thought whispers in my head speaking to our children, “Ha! Now it’s your turn.”  

And oh, the books! What books we have…..there lays the sketch work of what it is that interests us, our studies and our entertainment, our scriptures and our roots. Many of the books come from trips we have taken, histories, biographies, and of course in our house the art and architecture of the world.

These things add dimension to me.  They put flesh on my structure.  They are part of who I have become and who I am living with, how I am spending my life. So to revel in it a bit each day is kind of fun and like I said before it gives me satisfaction. Now where was it I left my cloth and cleaner?  Oh yeah, I think it was by the pictures of our grandkids, the little cuties, they’re just like their parents…serves them right. ~A Womens Place~



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Trunk or Treat


The 2nd annual Trunk or Treat event, excited and Booed the crowds once again. Starting with Dinner at 6pm, the evening was a beautiful cool moonlit night. Plenty of scary options to eat; Ogre toes(Sausage on a stick), Halo-weenies(Hot dogs), Grave doggers(Chilly dogs) and Chilling Beings(Chili and corn bread). The princesses, fairies, goblins, witches, and many more entered the scene to give the night a colorful and creative display of fairy tale and make believe. Thank you parents for making  this event a Monstrous good time. ~Ruth

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Some of our local high school students travelled to Salt Lake City to watch the debate live at the University of Utah debated the Prosecution of Polygamy. Here are a few of their thoughts.    fordham-debate-jaclyn-1  fordham-response-marie-11

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