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Community Dances

dsc_0735 One of the time honored traditions in Centennial Park is our community dances. Dances have proven to be not only safe and clean entertainment, but a load of fun for the young and the old alike. They are a great time for parents and children to associate with other parents and their children, in the true spirit of home entertainment. There are often other entertainments like skits and various contests; some as crazy as building a tower out of only balloons and straws. (see photo).  A dance is a great opportunity to have wholesome fun, while learning a lot of social grace, and hopefully a little bit of ballroom dancing. Our dances are one more thing that brings our community together. As for me, I just keep trying not to step on toes.

          ~ Centennial Park Youthdsc_1171dsc_0883-603

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A Little “Trash Talk”

dsc_7683dsc_7786      For nearly a year now, Centennial Park’s automated garbage truck has been out of service.  The truck cannot pick up the can and proceed to dump it on its own steam. SO, like many integral tasks important to the community, the missionaries have picked up the slack. Our garbage collector drives our dumpster style-emptying truck (with front forks rather than an automated arm) and the missionaries dump cans into an empty dumpster hauled on the front of the truck. Nearing its first anniversary, garbage emptying has become one of those behind-the-scenes events that no one really notices. Often, I get assigned to this task. It has made me realize that there are countless people around me who make my lifestyle here not only comfortable, but POSSIBLE. And yet, many times this volunteer service goes unappreciated. Few people realize that at 9:00 every Thursday morning, people are voluntarily extending themselves on their behalf. This post is to all those brave souls who through rain or snow, wind and sand, put their hands in the work.       ~One of our Missionaries


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We Are Distinguished


The State of Arizona selected Masada Charter School as the Title I Distinguished School for the state. On February 19th, a group from Masada went to San Antonio to participate in the recognition ceremony. A member of that group also participated on a panel presenting best practice strategies around “Professional Growth & Support”. This recognition establishes Masada as a model for designing and implementing school wide Title I strategies.   Way to go Masada!!

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