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It’s Time the West Emerge from the Closet and Legalize Polygamy” is an article published on the SomaliUK.com website whose opening paragraphs describe fairly well the way I feel about the way people view polygamy.  It seems like most of the time as long as a married man is engaging in a relationship with another woman who is not his wife (a.k.a. his mistress) people turn a blind eye, or think he is a real man’s man for being able to have more than one woman.  On the other hand however, if a man wants to truly love, respect, take care of, and raise the children of more than one woman he is reviled and hated.  This is something I have never been able to understand.

Adultery is O.K. but plural marriage is not.  How does that makes sense?

You may want to read the article.  It is talking about Muslim vs The West and it is very interesting.

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John Quinones has proven himself to be very antagonistic toward polygamy.  He likes to sensationalize the lifestyle and try to lump us all together as criminals.

Mark Henkel the founder of TruthBearer.org has put together a very interesting article detailing the so called reporting style of Quinones, his lack of objectivity, and his willingness to deceive others.

Following are some excerpts from the article:

John Quiñones deliberately lies to normal people in their everyday lives.   To dupe such unsuspecting real-life people, the show [“What Would YOU Do?”] hires actors and actresses, writes a script, and intentionally sets up completely fake scenarios.   Each made-up story is then used as a soapbox for Quiñones to portray himself as the would-be “moralist” judging the same real-life people to whom he and the show had lied in contriving each set-up scenario.

On past news magazine shows such as ABC’s “PrimeTime,” Quiñones had often “reported” about “polygamists.”   But he exclusively targeted his focus on one single Mormon sect, the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints (FLDS), where real crimes were involved.   The FLDS share roughly 99.9% in commonality with “mainstream” Mormons (LDS), even though the LDS try to deny the FLDS are “even Mormon.”   But having so much more in common with Mormons than with consenting adult pro-polygamists around the country, the FLDS are, in reality, a Mormon sect more than anything else.   Yet, Quiñones always identified the Mormon sect, FLDS, as “the polygamists” or “the polygamist sect.”

In the subsequent years, Quiñones performed even more “polygamy reports” for ABC.   In every case, he slandered all of “the polygamists” by using the same one example of the subdivided Mormons.   He never presented the real facts about the national movement, and he never mentioned other forms of polygamy – ranging from Christian polygamy to secular polygamy to any other form of consenting adult polygamy.   Unfortunately, Quiñones really has proven his willingness to lie to make his money and fame when “reporting” anything about polygamy. 

Mark Henkel goes into detail about the show “What Would YOU do?”, John Quinones’ lack of expertise on polygamy, and also Elissa Wall’s lack of expertise on polygamy.  It is an interesting article.

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