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Every once in a while, an article comes along that has such good logic and common sense and even though the author is not part of our religion, this article explains why we live the way we do and it is based on the restoration of the gospel by the Prophet Joseph Smith, in its fullness. This is such an article and we appreicate their views.

“In a liberal society such as Australia, it should not be a crime to have more than one wife, argues Keysar Trad.”

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This came acrossed our email and made one of the positions that CPAC takes, so we wanted to highlight it:

 “There’s a difference between the government formally recognizing a certain form of marriage, and actually making said form of marriage a criminal offence. (Even before gay marriage was officially recognized in Canada, there was no law that said a same-sex couple couldn’t go to a gay-friendly church and go through some kind of marriage ceremony.)” – Damian (Damian’s Blog)

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