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In light of our work with the Safety Net organization and our interaction with various social workers and law enforcement (so called) personnel, I thought the attached entry from the Escape to Polygamy Blog by J. R. North would have some interest in a satirical vein.

The URL link (true story) referenced in the piece, is the basis for the satire on the abuse suffered from a “monogamous” society. When the mind set of people begins to finally realize that a lifestyle choice doesn’t commit abuse, or a crime and that people do, we may begin to see more tolerance for lifestyle choice. After all, it takes a live person to pull the trigger of a gun, so should we punish guns or the people who misuse them?

Click here for the story.

~Submitted by HJD

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“Pure knowledge is the ultimate emancipator. It equalizes people and sovereign states, erodes the archaic barriers of superstition and promises to lift the trajectory of cultural evolution .” E.O. Wilson


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Each of us born to this earth has the right to grasp an opportunity and make for ourselves the life we would hope to have.  For some it is to remain single, for others it is to connect in a commitment, be it same sex or single partner, with marriage vows or without; and for a number of us, it is to choose to live with others in a commitment containing more than one spouse.


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The Clothesline

As most of the nation has been finding out, life has had to get quite a bit simpler with economic times being a tough as they are. And they are tough, rawhide tough. But I won’t belabor my little moan right now.  With downsizing our wants and thinning out our needs (my dreams of an art degree along with it) I’ve actually been able to catch a breath of fresh air and slow down just a bit.


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Missing Garments

The following is a true story. I am sharing it to show the color and joy of living in a large plural family, to which I can attest, having been born the 9th child of my mother into the loving arms of a 63 year old father. This note, written by a 17 year old fine young man, was attached to the laundry room door of a large “plural” family (names have been changed for privacy reasons):

My Dear Household Companions,

One fateful day last week I attempted to do my laundry. I did this in complete ignorance-not knowing the horrific events that were about to unfold.  It was about 3 P.M, just another afternoon doing my chores.  I was sorting laundry- lights, darks, delicates, etc.  It being my common practice to do the deli’s last, I placed them in MY laundry basket, and continued to wash the other batches of clothing.  I left for a short period of time… little did I know this was the last time I would ever see my 2 shirts again.


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The Safety Net mission statement states:

The Safety Net Committee brings together government agencies, nonprofit organizations and interested individuals who are working to open up communication, break down barriers and coordinate efforts to give people associated with the practice of polygamy equal access to justice, safety and services.

We (Centennial Park Action Committee) have taken Safety Net at its word, and our intentions being here are to assist to this end. But the events of this last week have left us with some concerns as well as the need to clarify some things.


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We enjoyed this speech very much and felt it was noteworthy to post a link on our blog:

Glenn Beck’s 8/28 Restoring Honor Keynote Speech

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TruthWillPrevail.org has put together a wonderful and enlightening 5 part series on Mormon Plural Marriage which we would like to share here:

Part 1: Scriptural Support for Plural Marriage: The Old Testament

Part 2: Scriptural Support for Plural Marriage: The New Testament

Part 3: Doctrinal Basis for Modern Plural Marriage

Part 4: Reluctance of Early Mormon Leaders to Take Plural Wives

Part 5: Testimonies of Plural Wives

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Secret to Life

  Submitted by ~A Woman’s Place~


                One of the main goals our teacher has in mind for us in our drawing classes is to learn how to see.  To go beyond what we think we know about the object or scene that we are trying to draw.  It has been kind of an interesting exercise to do this because it takes both seeing things on face value and getting almost intimate with the subject at hand. 

A connection is formed and an understanding begins.  With the understanding comes an “Ah, Ha” moment with what it is you are seeing. And then the best part is when the beauty of it starts to unveil itself. The secrets of our creator whispered in the moment.  Be it nature, be it architecture, inanimate objects, animate objects, or life. The design, the creation, the purpose has a purity and a beauty, but also a story latent with value, a reason to be told and a cause to be heard.  Life should never be merely replicated, it should be understood, as should each one of us.


                                        Hui Neng   500 CE


                                         Quotes from my teacher



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A Little Bit of Heaven


          I have to admit I have had an abundant season this past little while. I’ve been able to welcome into my arms three new little granddaughters over the last several months. In my humble opinion they are simply the most beautiful little creatures I have ever seen (at least for the present).
But it is a little more than that; I was able to have the privilege of witnessing the transformation each little girl brought with them. Behind each one is a unique and weighty story marking their arrival in history and in our own story. They were greatly sought after and true blessings in the lives of their families. We all know the feelings that come with these occasions, kind of a mixed bag of emotion and anticipation strewn with “three deep breaths and we’re in it”, all that warmly sewn up with tender sentiment.
          I had these sensations as I witnessed their parents in their yearning for them, and then at each of their arrivals how deeply in love everyone felt for them. The glow on the mother’s face, tired and crying as she stroked the cheek of the newborn, the glisten of their daddy’s eye moist with emotion, and oh, the softness of the other mother, cooing over this tiny bundle.
          Yet even more than that I think this time around I have had a heightened feeling of their potential in life. The promises given, laced with the experiences to be faced, all the hope that rides forward when a baby graces our lives. I felt these things along with the love God feels towards such innocents and the hope He has for them. I felt so strongly with each bitty angel a lingering of Heaven in the room. Each little sister brought with her a glimpse of what we are to each other. How much she needs the family she is in, and how so very much they need her.
          It truly is a plan to work together, to be together and share in this wonderful life as a family—Heaven’s blessings to you all.

Submitted by  ~A Woman’s Place~

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