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The Safety Net mission statement states:

The Safety Net Committee brings together government agencies, nonprofit organizations and interested individuals who are working to open up communication, break down barriers and coordinate efforts to give people associated with the practice of polygamy equal access to justice, safety and services.

We (Centennial Park Action Committee) have taken Safety Net at its word, and our intentions being here are to assist to this end. But the events of this last week have left us with some concerns as well as the need to clarify some things.


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In light of the upcoming bigamy trial of Wendell Nielsen, we thought it appropriate to publish this document from the ACLU given in September 2006:

Utah’s Bigamy Statute and the Right to Privacy and Religious Freedom

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees all Americans the right to associate, express opinions, and practice religion free from unnecessary government intrusion. Additionally, the United States Supreme Court recognizes that the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment promises individuals that, “there is a realm of personal liberty which the government may not enter.” Planned Parenthood v. Casey, 505 U.S. 833, 847 (1992). Together, these freedoms allow individuals to define the contours of their personal relationships and freely express their religious beliefs, as long as they do not harm the state or other persons. The ACLU of Utah believes that Utah’s bigamy statute, which criminalizes the practice of spiritual plural marriage between consenting adults, violates these constitutional guarantees.
For the rest of the publication, go here…

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We enjoyed this speech very much and felt it was noteworthy to post a link on our blog:

Glenn Beck’s 8/28 Restoring Honor Keynote Speech

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Kirk Torgenson with the Utah Attorney General’s Office gave a presentation about “Polygamy Victimization” at this year’s NOVA Conference.  We do not have the transcript from his presentation but Brooke Adams’ blog gave us some information about what he talked about.

The following exceprt is from her blog:

Kirk Torgensen, chief deputy in the Utah Attorney General’s Office, spoke Tuesday at the National Organization For Victim Assistance conference, being held in Salt Lake City.

His topic? “Polygamy Victimization.”

Former plural wife Carolyn Jessop also spoke. More on her in the next post. But here is a recap of what Torgensen had to say.


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TruthWillPrevail.org has put together a wonderful and enlightening 5 part series on Mormon Plural Marriage which we would like to share here:

Part 1: Scriptural Support for Plural Marriage: The Old Testament

Part 2: Scriptural Support for Plural Marriage: The New Testament

Part 3: Doctrinal Basis for Modern Plural Marriage

Part 4: Reluctance of Early Mormon Leaders to Take Plural Wives

Part 5: Testimonies of Plural Wives

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Well, I’m getting more and more excited about this election.  I was really afraid that Obama might take it, but after Sarah Palin being nominated for VP and watching her speech and McCain’s at the RNC I am really thinking that McCain will win.  If, and it is always a big IF, they do what they promise the next four years could be really great.  Finally, someone in power who will support off shore drilling in addition to alternative fuel sources!  I don’t know about you, but these fuel prices are just about killing me!  He supports parents’ choice in education, and wants to create incentives to get and keep good teachers (and help the not so good ones find other employment).  He said he wants to get back to the basics of the republican party.

His speech got off to a rough start.  There was a lot of confusion and disruption in the crowd and some people had to be escorted out, but toward the middle he started doing MUCH better and by the end he was actually talking about some of the things he was going to do.  I say let’s give him a chance.  Vote McCain/Palin in November!

You can read the speech here.

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Fat Tax in Alabama

OK, so technically it isn’t tax, but Alabama wants to charge its fat employees $25/month for insurance (it is currently free).  Does that seem a little discriminatory, mean, and just downright wrong?  When is the government going to stop trying to control people’s lives?

I wonder what would happen if people in general (and the government in particular) would use patience, love, and kindness to help others change their lives for the better instead of always thinking of new punishements for those who don’t conform?

Why is it so hard for people to realize that rights and freedoms are not pulled away all at once?  It starts with small things like this and then, when no one objects, the government puts more restrictions and punishments on us until we have no freedom left at all.

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Editorial in Deseret News

The following editorial was published in the August 5, 2008, edition of the Deseret News:

Our infamous Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., was quoted comparing polygamy to organized crime. Perhaps someone needs to inform Mr. Reid that the best organized crime syndicate in the United States is the U.S. Congress.

While America is facing a disastrous banking crisis, excessive inflation, an energy crisis, an unprecedented balance of trade deficit, $4 a gallon gas and the invasion of illegal immigrants, Reid is busy having hearings on polygamy. It’s just another example of the ineptness and political impotence of those who are supposed to be representing us.
Terry Tullis
Terry Tullis makes some great points.  Maybe government officials should clean up themselves first and stop worrying about the practice of polygamy.

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Bumper Sticker

On my way home from work a couple of days ago, I saw the following bumper sticker: “The last time we mixed government and religion people got burned at the stake.”  That pretty well sums up how I feel about the federal task force Senator Harry Reid is trying to put together. 

It is true that fraud and abuse need to be stopped, but I get really tired of hearing that polygamists use their religion as a guise under which they commit all kinds of horrendous deeds.

If the government wants to protect people from abuse, I support them in that – but I’d also like to remind them that government has no business trying to legislate morality.

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There may be some issues inside the FLDS, and yes, apparently a very small portion have some real allegations, but haven’t they proven themselves time and time again that they are just a group of people trying to hold to some religious beleifs.   I wonder if Senator Reid really will find anything, or if he is just continuing to use others with a vengance to reak more havic.  Check out the new info on the Senate Hearing.

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