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This time of year always brings back one particular memory from my childhood.

My cousins – who had a much bigger family than I did – decided they would put on a Christmas program for their parents. The older children were the masterminds behind the project and they did everything. They found the music, assigned parts, and taught the younger children the songs. The two songs I remember the best were “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” and “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” They had a great time rehearsing…especially since they got to do it in a part of the house they didn’t usually get to hang out in.

I remember wishing so badly that I was part of a big family and had the kind of comradeship that I saw being displayed amongst my cousins. They had an entire other dimension to their lives that most people could not even imagine. This other dimension was full of mothers providing varied experiences, many resources to draw help from, and a wonderful audience to whom they could showcase their theatrical talents!

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