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The Principle Rights Coalition sponsored a Legislative Education Day today at the Utah State Capitol.  We had short presentations  by Ric Cantrell – Chief Deputy of the Utah State Senate, Mark Shurtleff – Utah Attorney General, Paul Murphy – Director of Communications for the A.G.’s office, and Mary Batchelor.

Ric Cantrell gave a great speech about how important it is for us to get involved in our government.  He said “the only safety lies in engagement.”  And he gave us some way to become “engaged.” 

  • All Senate debates are live streamed
  • They do pod casts
  • The Utah Senate has its own YouTube channel
  • And, of course, Email

Mark Shurtleff  agreed with everything Ric said and then reminded us that polygamy is a felony and is against the constitution of Utah.  He told us that if we want to change that fact we are going to have to get involved.  He also assured us that what happened in Texas will not happen here (in Utah)

Paul Murphy told is that Mark Shurtleff if a tough guy but he has a tender heart.  Paul is concerned about the stories he hears of people in polygamous communities not daring to get help when they need it.  He reminded us that the Amish people were not always seen in a good light, but now they are known for their forgiveness and furniture.  Paul hopes that one day we will be known for our strength and hard work.

Mary Batchelor gave us a quick overview of how to lobby our legislators.  The first rule is be courteous, polite, and respectful.   The second rule is to keep it short and simple (KISS) because the legislators don’t have time to read lengthy letters.  She also told us that the last thing we want to do is get in an argument with them because that will just close doors and shut down the lines of communication.

We ended our time there with a tour of the Capitol.

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